microphone STRATEGIC COMMUNICATIONS - Our expertise is in developing comprehensive strategic communications plans for our clients that can be leveraged across traditional and digital medium platforms for optimal messaging.
Whether it’s a plan to better connect with the target audience, broaden the market or repair a tarnished reputation, we will provide the professional excellence and personal attention to favorably raise the profile of your organization.

pen PUBLIC RELATIONS – Let us put our award-winning persuasive writing skills - and more than 25 years working in the CT media - to work for you. Annual reports. Speech writing. Internal/External communications. Freelance writing.
We have a simple three-pronged approach and the connections to promote your organization or special event. We’ll outline that approach in a free consultation.

exclamation CRISIS COMMUNICATIONS – Over three decades reporting about and observing public officials, corporations and community groups totally failing at dealing with the media when adversity hits. SSE wants to help you get it right. It’s not about “if” your organization ever has a crisis, but when.
We create strategies that help you deal with the media promptly, professionally and transparently when a potential crisis is percolating. In most cases, the public judges you on HOW you deal with the crisis, not that the crisis actually occurred. Our approach is to stop the bleeding and limit the shelf life of the story.
Bottom line is that by working with SSE, when it hits the fan, you’ll have a plan.

podium MEDIA TRAINING / MEDIA SERVICES – We provide media training for corporate executives and/or their employees. Learn how to take control of an interview from one of CT’s best interviewers -- a journalist who has interviewed thousands of people for the newspaper, radio and television stations.
Giving a big speech and you’re scared to death? We’d like to work with you on how to come off as confident, conversational and composed in the big moment. Everyone’s biggest fear is public speaking; and some are petrified about being interviewed by the media. I know that fear firsthand, having overcome a childhood speech impediment to make a successful career as a communicator.
Let us help you.





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